Freshly back from Ottawa, ON, Canada, Todd talks about getting back to the basics and takes questions from callers on some of the most common questions he gets asked as a master marketer. In his typical straight and to the point manner, Todd answers questions like:

  • Making cold-calls every day how many people can I expect to sponsor, on average, per week?
  • Describe a call where you get a professional to a follow-up meeting or a follow-up call?
  • What time is too late to make prospecting phone calls?
  • After friends and family what is the best group to prospect?
  • How to get people to believe the business is real after hearing/seeing my presentation?
  • What should I do if my up-line starts to bail?

“Double-digits per day keep the commission checks on the way.”

For those of you in the Dallas, TX area or interested in traveling, Todd is speaking at the More Heart Than Talent Mindset Conference.

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